Opportunity Hub

Opportunity Hub is a place for folks who live in Lower Price Hill to connect with each other and with different resources in the city. Whether accessing emergency food in a crisis through our Community Market choice food pantry, partnering with staff to identify and achieve individualized goals tailored to each person’s strengths, or leading various community-level initiatives, Opportunity Hub is the place to start. Stop by today to find your opportunity.

Connect with Opportunities


Visit the Community Market

Tuesdays and Thursdays

For more information, contact us.

Community Grandparents

Community Grandparents is a pilot project of the Opportunity Hub that is designed to foster trusting relationships between low-income parents and older adults to build support networks and create self-sufficiency. This project connects parents who might need a little extra support and guidance with older people who might have a little extra time on their hands. The goal of Community Grandparents is to build social capital through mutually beneficial relationships.

Community Grandparents is made possible thanks to support from the United Way of Greater Cincinnati.