Community Matters Programs

Our programs are designed to address the following categories:

Community Programs

We offer programs to meet the needs expressed by our community. Our goal is to remove the barriers preventing our neighbors from pursuing new opportunities.

Community Market | LPH Community Garden | Opportunity Hub

Social Entrepreneurship

One of the major barriers to opportunity in our community is the lack of access to the local economy. Unfortunately, the Lower Price Hill community has been dis-invested in over the past several decades, leading to a lack of business opportunities and accessible services. We believe that in order to change our local economy we must capitalize on the potential of our neighbors and build opportunities from within our community.

Our social entrepreneurship programs create social ventures that meet community needs and create sustainable funding for Community Matters programming.

Washing Well


All of our work in Community Matters is focused on engaging our community. We offer a range of events and activities throughout the year to engage our community and build relationships with the greater Cincinnati community.

Sanctuary AmeriCorps House Service Learning | Bend in the River Music Festival