In-Kind Needs List

To give an in-kind gift, see the list below, visit our Amazon Wish List, or contact Community Matters.

Opportunity Hub

Bus tokens
Uber gift cards
Coffee & coffee supplies (liners, cups, sugar & creamer)
Snacks (donuts, granola bars & fruit)

Community Market

Canned meats (ham, chicken & tuna)
Ready-to-eat meals (ravioli, spaghetti with meatballs, beef stew & chicken with dumplings)
Household items (multi-surface cleaners, glass cleaner, shampoo, razors, aluminum foil, trash bags, paper towels, etc.)
Baby formula
Diapers (size 4 & 5, especially)
Re-usable shopping bags

LPH Community Gardens

Garden tools (especially digging shovels, garden forks, pitch forks, metal rakes, hand trowels, hand pruners & loppers)
Twine & plant stakes
Trash pickers
Mulch or wood chips
Plants or seeds
Snacks and drinks for Garden Parties
Assorted art supplies (colored pencils, paper, paint, yarn, etc.)

Community Meals

Paper plates
Plastic cups
Plastic utensils
Lemonade mix