Meet Samantha

“I can talk to people now without being scared. I can be myself now. When I cook, I take a bunch of food up to the people at Evans Field who are homeless, because I know what it was like. It makes my day to be able to do that, to be a part of things down here.”

Samantha met the staff of the Opportunity Hub when she visited the community Market for food. She was struggling to escape a long-term abusive relationship that eroded her confidence and stability.

In partnership with Community Matters staff, Samantha now has an apartment and a job, and she is rebuilding relationships with her children and grandchildren. She is excited about the upcoming holidays and the chance to buy gifts for her family. “I can help out now because I have a job,” she said, “and it feels good to do that.”

Each year, we partner with around 600 neighbors, like Samantha, in the Opportunity Hub. Our role is to partner in whatever way they want as they navigate barriers and pursue opportunities. We believe a more just community is one in which all people are celebrated for their strengths and have the opportunities needed to thrive.

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