Justice League

Justice League is a youth advocacy and leadership program. The Justice League partners with youth (12-25 years old) from the Lower Price Hill neighborhood and surrounding communities to invest in their strengths, ideas, assets, and needs. We do this by partnering one-on-one with teens and young adults to build positive mentorship relationships, leadership opportunities, and restorative justice interventions.


In 2019, a 15-year-old was murdered in the Lower Price Hill neighborhood. Following this tragedy, the media published many stories about how Lower Price Hill was a poor, dangerous neighborhood and how the young people in the neighborhood were a detriment to the community. When talking with teens in the neighborhood, they expressed both outrage at their peer’s death and anger that they were being painted as the villains of the neighborhood. They wanted change, and so through their energy and ideas, Justice League was born.

Justice League initially started as a one-week social justice camp in which youth learned about different avenues through which community change can happen. At the end of the week, the group decided to continue to meet and develop initiatives to make their community a better place.

Recent Projects

Random Acts of Kindness
Litter Pick-up
Artistic Affirmations
Hydration Stations