Why Community Matters

We believe that community matters.

Our community connects us and gives us our sense of place and belonging. Living in community means being a part of something bigger than oneself and investing our time, energy, and talents into a collective vision.

At the root of Community Matters mission is the belief that our residents have the strengths, passions, and skills to thrive, but we, as a community, need to invest in our neighbors to activate existing strengths and create new opportunities.

Our neighborhood faces many challenges with 48% of families and 86% of children living in poverty, 66% unemployment rate, and 90% renters without access to truly dignified housing. To face these challenges, we invest in our neighbors to create family sustainability, resident leadership, and affordable housing.


Mission: To create a thriving and more just community by removing barriers to opportunity.

What We Do

Our programs are designed to created lasting impact through a partnership with residents. Learn more about our programs and initiatives here.

Our Model

Our History

Founded in 2014, Community Matters has deep roots in the Lower Price Hill community, developed from the over forty years of work by its sister organization, Education Matters. Community Matters was created from the will of the Lower Price Hill community to address the overwhelming disparity in access to opportunities for our residents.

Community Matters is charged with listening to the voices of the Lower Price Hill community and seeking out new opportunities with our neighbors.

For more information on the history of Education Matters click here.